5/10/2020 - Get Organized and more Exciting Features this Week

First off, we want to thank all of our users that have reached out to provide feedback on our product and help to request features that will make their lives easier when managing their signs and communicating with their audience. Please keep the feature requests coming and feel free to reach out if we are missing something that would benefit you or your organization and we'll be sure to get it prioritized in our backlog.

We have a few exciting features that we will be releasing this week and posting about here. The first that we released today, by popular demand is the ability to organize your Slides with Folders. You can now create folders and move your slides to them. This will help teams with a large number of users or content keep their slides organized to make them easier to find when editing or scheduling.

To add or manage folders once you log into your account, you can go to the My Slides page and above your slides is your list of folders. To add a new folder you can click the + icon and name your folder. To move slides to your folder, you can check each slide you would like to move, and on the bottom of the screen, options will appear to move to a folder created, you can select the folder to move the slides, or you can bulk delete slides this way as well.

To find out more about managing folders, you can visit the article here -

2020 Release 1 and Year end wrap-up

We are off to a great start with 2020. At the end of the year, we updated our template engine to be more agile with how often we release templates. With this we have added a ton of more templates, with hundreds now to choose from. You can also see trending and popular templates that are available for use. By popular demand, we have also introduced the Content Wizard. This feature makes it easier than ever to upload your images, videos and documents directly as slides eliminating the need to create a blank slide first and add your content to it. More details on each of these below.

The Content Wizard -

The content wizard is a fast way to get your images, videos and documents out to your signs eliminating steps and saving you time. You can choose to start from a blank template, upload your images, videos, or documents directly, or start with one of hundreds of available templates. As always, after you import your media, your slides can be edited in the slide editor to further enhance your content or add animations, effects or more content.

Templates, Templates and more Templates -

With our new template engine, your content will always be fresh, presenting you with new and trending templates daily. You can find templates for upcoming holidays, events and more, all through your dashboard, eliminating the need for you to import content from elsewhere.

We really appreciate the customer feedback we have been getting recently which has helped us create features that add value for you. Please let us know what you would like to see next and we will be sure to get it prioritized!

2019 Release 11 Updates - 10/1

With our latest release, we have added the ability to restrict access within the platform with User Roles and Permissions.

User permissions allow you to restrict access to certain functionality within MangoSigns. Below we will cover each permission and how it relates to the platform.

You can also manage user permissions after a user has been added, but going into Settings -> Users -> click on the user, and Manage Permissions

To find out more about User Roles and Permissions take a look here.

2019 Release 10 Updates - 9/6

This week we rolled out new news, social media and RSS layouts available to keep your signs looking great! We also switched to a new more accurate weather provider that is know for having the most accurate weather of any of the API providers. We also released some performance optimizations which will help with smoother transitions and animations for lower end devices. 

Social Media Layouts

You can now choose from multiple social Media layouts to display your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts. Choose from one of the 5 layout options to display your posts. 

You can also customize the way the images will display inside your post by choosing between 3 different formats, fill the entire side, fade in, or a zoom blur option. You can also now define a different hashtag font color, size and type for all of the social media posts to help your content stand out.

These formats also are available for RSS, and news feeds:

More Accurate weather with 7 day forecast

You can now be confident that the weather on your screens is accurate and up to date. We have partnered with a new weather provider that is known for providing the most accurate and up to date weather information.

2019 Release 9 Updates - 7/25

Today we expanded our platform with features that will help larger corporations manage their slides and schedules, plus other enhancements

We have introduced the ability to search through your Slides and Schedules. This will allow you to search by name or keyword to quickly find your existing slides and schedules. You can find the search functionality at the top of the My Slides and My Schedules pages.

As requested by many, you can now create your own read only Templates for use by your team and organization. You can find your templates under the My Templates option with the star next to it in the side menu in your dashboard.

With these enhancements, we have also released quite a few templates in our template library with more to be released weekly. 

Stay tuned as we have some additional exciting updates to be announced soon! Thanks for allowing mangosigns.com to deliver your message!

Read more about this release here.

2019 Release 8 Updates - 5/24

With this weeks update, you can now upload all of your Microsoft, Adobe and Open Office documents to your slides. 

You can find the new My Docs icon in the slide editor. From there you can choose the file type then select your document and upload it to your slides to show on your signs.

Read more about this release here.

2019 Release 5,6 & 7 Updates - 5/12

We have been busy updating the platform with additional features over the last few months, so I will try to cover everything here for releases 5, 6 and 7 that will help draw more eyes to your screens. 

Align Everything

We had a lot of users requesting the ability to align content easier on their slides, so we added the ability to multi select elements and align them, just as you would in your favorite design programs. You can find the alignment controls in the Toolbar where you can align elements to the slide.

Scrolling Marquee

You can now scroll your own messages or RSS feeds using the new Marquee app. Look for the new Marquee icon in the slide editor and choose to scroll an RSS feed, or your own text messages.

Upload your own Videos

You can now upload your own videos directly to the platform to play them on your signs. In the slide editor, simply click Videos and you will see the My Video Uploads section up top where you can upload and insert videos to your slides.

Count Up

We have added the ability to Count Up to our Count Down app. This will allow you to count days/hours/minutes/seconds from a particular time or event. You will now find and option when you add the Count Down/Up app to choose Time since, and a Date in the past.

Offline Playback for all of our Players

Now all of our players (Android, Chrome, Fire TV and Windows) support offline playback. Once your content has loaded once, it will play back, even after a power outage.

Found out more about this release here.

2019 Release 4 Updates - 2/17

This week, we are happy to announce the launch of our Free Video library for you to search through thousands of free videos to add to your slides, or use as backgrounds.

See more about this update here

2019 Release 3 Updates - 2/07

This week we have added a few new enhancements to the platform. We have added support for additional RSS feed types. We now support a wider variety of feeds including Media RSS and additional image support. 

Twitter Updates allow you to show a wide variety of Twitter content on your signs and screens as well as filter Tweets by language.

See more about this update here

1/29 - Google Docs, entire Google Spreadsheets + Bug Fix

This weeks we released our Google Docs integration which includes the ability to showcase Google Docs on your slides as well as entire Google Spreadsheets. You can now include Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Maps, Google Spreadsheets, or event customized Google Spreadsheet data on your signs. We also included a bug fix that affected the slideshow app.

See the full details on this update here.

1/23/2019 - GIPHY, Google Slides, new Menu Formats, Override Schedules and more

We have a few new features to help you deliver your message and manage your signage network. Here is the first round of features we are rolling out in 2019. Stay tuned for more updates that we will be rolling out every few weeks here.

Check out what is included in the updates here.

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