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MangoSign's Slide Editor Overview
MangoSign's Slide Editor Overview

The new MangoSigns editor was created from the feedback of numerous users to provide a unique and friendly experience to updating your Sign.

Written by Brianna
Updated over a week ago

The MangoSign's editor is where you can customize the content you will send to your Signs. It is built from the ground up with feedback from our users, so if there are any ways we can improve it, please let us know.

Once you Edit a Template, it will open up in the MangoSign's editor for you to customize. Upon opening the editor, you will be asked if you would like to take the Editor Tour. If this is your first time using the editor, we recommend going through the Tour as it highlights some of the basic functionality and features. We also recommend that you Link your Social accounts and Set your Location as it helps with some of the smart content included in some apps/templates.

Below is a screenshot of the MangoSign's editor.  

Apps -

You can find the MangoSign Apps on the left hand side of the screen for you to choose from and add to your Slide. The white icon apps on top are the Free Apps that you are welcome to use under the Free Plan. The colored icons below the white Icons are the Plus Apps. These apps are included during your free trial period, as well as with all paid plans. The Plus apps, typically pull live data and continuously stream content to your signs to keep them fresh and engaging.

Top Slide Menu -

The Top slide panel, allows you to see any Notifications for a given Slide, as well as perform many common actions for a slide such as resize the resolution for a slide, preview or save the slide.

Toolbar - 

The Mango Signs toolbar allows you to perform common functions on each element and can be found to the right hand side of your editor when it launches. To learn more about the Toolbar, click here. The Toolbar can be toggled On/Off through the Top slide panel.

Action Bar -

When you click on an element/app, you will see the Action Bar appear. The action bar will allow you to get access to settings that can be customized for that element/app. For each element/app, you can Animate, view the Settings, or find Help for that app. Some Apps have additional options available on the Action Bar.

Layers Panel - 

The Layers panel can be toggled On/Off through the Top slide panel. The Layers Panel allows you to see all of the apps/elements that are on your Slide. You can also, lock, hide or reorder apps/elements through the Layers Panel. Locking apps/elements is useful when you do not want certain apps/elements to be moved/modified after they have been set. For example, background images, or layers beneath your text.

Resolution - 

You can change the resolution on your Slide by clicking the current resolution in the upper left hand side of the Top slide panel. This can be useful if you want to create a slide to support a 4k resolution, or some other type of resolution.

Grid -

A grid for your Slide can be toggled On/Off through the Top slide panel, to help with aligning items within your slide.

Preview - 

After you save your slide, you can preview what it will look like when you send it out to your sign by clicking the Preview button in the Top slide panel. This is particularly useful if you are using animation, text animation, or Apps with a live feed.

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