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12/22/2020 - End of Year Updates
12/22/2020 - End of Year Updates

2020 has been a difficult year for many, and we appreciate the feedback from our customers to build out features to help you the most.

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Draw more eyes to your content and screens with additional animated templates, animated backgrounds, and image animations, share your content safely with new stylish QR codes.

Additional Animated Background and Image Animations

We have added additional animated backgrounds that are available for use on your signs. It has been proven that

Thousands of Templates now available

With the hundreds of animated templates we have available within the platform, you now have access to thousands of additional templates available directly in MangoSigns with our Canva integration.

The Canva integration can be used to create full screen content, as well as partial screen content within any of your slides. The Canva integration is free and is included in all of our plans.

Stylable QR Codes

You can now add stylable QR codes to any of your slides / designs right through the MangoSigns editor. These can be styled in 3 different options and you can choose the color for the eyes and main portion of the QR codes to help match your designs.

The style of your QR code can alter how effective it is, so we aimed to give you options to style them to fit your content and brand. You can find the new QR code generator in the MangoSigns Slide Editor. As with everything in the MangoSigns slide editor, the QR codes can be animated and placed anywhere you would like with no zone limitations.

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