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Share your Sign Content

You can share your sign content on your internal site, or with customers, employees or students via url.

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You can now easily share your sign content on your internal sites such as Jira, Confluence or Sharepoint. You can also share a direct link to your content via URL.

To share your sign content, Go to the My Signs page within your MangoSigns dashboard and click on the dropdown button on the right hand side of the sign that you would like to share the content from.

Click on the Share Content button and you will be allowed to share the content in the next screen.

You can then click on the Share Content button to generate the share link, as well as the share embed code if you would like to embed the content in your internal site.

Once you click on the Share Content button, you will see a share url that can be used to share your content.

You can click on the Copy Link button to copy the url of the shared content that can be accessed directly.

You can click on the Embed in Site tab to copy the embed code that will allow you to embed the content within your site.

You can stop sharing the content by clicking on the Stop Sharing button.

  • Please note that it may take up to a few minutes to reflect changes to sharing and stopping sharing.

Once your content is shared you will see a share icon next to your sign in the My Signs tab. This will allow you to see that the sign is currently being shared.

Clicking on the share icon, will allow you to see the share url, and embed code as well as stop the share.

  • You can only share one sign at a time by default. If you need to share more than one sign at a time, please contact our support team for details.


To adjust the size of the content embeded in your site, you can modify the width and height values for the embed code. Fore example instead of the height and width being set to 100%, you can change them to pixel sizes to fill a specific area on your site(640pxx800px)

<iframe src="" height="640px" width="800px" style="border: 0px;" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>

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