Once you edit a Template, it becomes a Slide. Slides can be added to a Schedule and sent to your Signs. Think of a Slide like a PowerPoint slide that you would create for a presentation, only you create one slide at a time and use a Schedule to combine multiple slides to send to your Sign.

To create a Slide, log into your account and find a Template that is close to the theme that you would like to send to your Sign. Once you find the right Template(s), click the Edit Me button to begin customizing the content for your audience. The Template will open in the Mango Signs Editor for you to customize. Once you have customized your Template, when you save it, it becomes a Slide. Slides can be edited after they are saved, so please save often to prevent your work being lost. You can also restore slides from a previous version by using the Slide History. Once you save your Slide, it will show up in your Slides. From there you can Preview or Manage the Slide.

If you click Manage you can see what schedules the Slide is assigned to, as well as have access to perform other actions through the Other Actions tab, where you can access the Slide History, Rename, Delete, or Copy a Slide.

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