Slides are the content you create to show on your screen. Once you edit a template and save it, it becomes a Slide.

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Once you upload a file using the Content Wizard, or edit Template, it becomes a Slide. Slides can be added to a Schedule and sent to your Signs. Think of a Slide like a PowerPoint slide that you would create for a presentation, only you create one slide at a time and use a Schedule(like a playlist) to combine multiple slides to send to your Sign.

To create a Slide, you can start with the Content Wizard, or by searching through templates and editing one. Once you find the right Template(s), click the Customize button to begin customizing the content for your audience. The Template will open in the Mango Signs Editor for you to customize. Once you have customized your Template, when you save it, it becomes a Slide. Slides can be edited after they are saved, so please save often to prevent your work being lost. When you save your slide, you will be prompted to Name your slide and set a default duration for the slide. The default duration is suggested duration for how long the slide will play before transitioning to another slide if you have multiple slides scheduled to your sign. The slide duration can be overridden at the schedule level.

Once you have created your slide, you can schedule it to your signs. You can also, preview it, save it as a template, copy it, rename it and more. You can find options to perform these tasks by clicking on the slide, and clicking the dropdown button in the upper right. For more options, click the More Options button.

This will bring you to a page that will show you what schedules that slide is used in, as well as allow you to perform more options found at the top of the page.

Restoring a previous revision -

You can restore slides from a previous version by using the Slide History. If you click on the Slide History button up top, you will see a list of all the revisions made to that slide as well as be able to preview each. To restore a previous version, click the Restore button.

Saving a slide as a template -

To save a slide as a Template, you can go to the My Slides page and find the Slide that you would like to turn into a template. You can then click on the Save to Templates button, you will be prompted to name your template, and click Create a Template to finish saving the new Template

Your new Template will now appear under the My Templates section found in the Templates page for you and your business to use as a starting point.

Deleting a slide -

Once you delete a slide, it will be removed from all of your schedules. You cannot un-delete slides, so only delete a slide if you no longer plan on using it in the future and would like it deleted from your account.

You can create slide folders to help organize your slides. In the My Slides page, at the top, you can click the Add folder button to create slide folders. More information about slide folders can be found here.

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