The Content Wizard

The Content Wizard provides and easy way to get your content created so that you can schedule it out to your signs.

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Introducing the Content Wizard, the easiest way to create content to show on your signs. The Content Wizard allows you to start with a Blank template, use your existing images, videos or documents to be converted to slides, or you can use Canva or search through our template library for the perfect template to customize and deliver your message.

To view the Content Wizard, simply click on the Content Wizard button under the My Slides tab, or My Slides section in your dashboard. You will see the Content Wizard expand with 3 options to get started.

Start from a blank canvas to create a slide -

You can choose to start with a blank canvas if you want to let you creativity run free and start from scratch. This will open a blank slide in the Slide editor for you to add your own text, images, colors or one of the may app integrations we have available in the slide editor.

Customize the slide the way you would like and save it, then schedule it to your signs.

Upload your images, videos, or documents as slides, or use Canva -

By popular demand, you can now upload your images, videos, or documents directly as slides. This eliminates the step of having to create a blank slide and insert your content, saving a lot of time of you already have your own content created.

Simply click on the option to upload your images, videos or documents as slides and select the file type and files. Your content will automatically be converted to slides. If uploading Videos or Documents, the content will take a minute or two to convert into an optimized format. Alternatively you can use Canva to search through thousands of premade templates to save as a slide.

You will see your slides processing after they are uploaded, and once they are done processing they can be scheduled to your signs.

for more information on how to use the Canva App, see here.

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