Get Organized with Slide Folders

Slide Folders help you organize your slides. You can create folders to organize slides by department, topic, theme or anything you want

Written by Brianna
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You can now create folders and move your slides to them. This will help teams with a large number of users or content keep their slides organized to make them easier to find when editing or scheduling.

To add or manage folders once you log into your account, you can go to the My Slides page and above your slides is your list of folders. To add a new folder you can click the + icon and name your folder. To move slides to your folder, you can check each slide you would like to move, and on the bottom of the screen, options will appear to move to a folder created, you can select the folder to move the slides, or you can bulk delete slides this way as well.

To Rename or Delete a folder, you can click on the folder name in the My Slides page which will open up that folder. In he top right hand corner of the page you will see the options to rename the folder or delete it.

Once you delete a folder the slides will be removed from it. You can always find all of your slides under the All Slides folder. The All Slides folder cannot be deleted.

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