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Q2 2022 - Software Updates
Q2 2022 - Software Updates
Written by Brianna
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Slide Editor Enhancement - Copy content across editor tabs

You can now easily copy and paste content from one slide to another. If you have two slide editor tabs or windows open you can copy and paste an element in one of two ways. You can access copy and paste functions from the right-click menu or you can use the copy and paste buttons on the Toolbar.

Right-click Menu

Toolbar Menu

Social Media Enhancement

Many users and businesses now have multiple social media accounts to manage their brand's online presence, therefore you can now link multiple Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts in MangoSigns.

The social media apps, available for premium users only, are located at the bottom of the new MangoSigns Apps navigation menu.

Click on the icon to launch that platform's submenu.

Next, you will see a button to Connect an Account. Click on the button to launch the app's integration menu. The following screens are controlled by the social media account you are logged into. You will see a different screen for the following scenarios:

  1. If you are not logged in you will start with a sign-in screen

  2. If you are logged in you will start with a screen that asks you to confirm the account you are trying to connect to MnagoSigns

  3. If you are logged into multiple accounts you might be asked to select which account to connect.

Once you click through the authentication screens you should see your account connected with a X button to delete the connection.

If you would like to add another account, just click on the "Connect an Account" button again.


If you would like to add multiple social media accounts for the same provider, after you link the account to MangoSigns, in order to link another account you will need to go to the social media site and log out first(example: and log out). Then you can click connect again and log into the different account to link it as well.

For more information about specific social media accounts:

Navigation Enhancement - New Apps Menu

In response to some user feedback and the expected expansion of our app offerings, we have rearranged the navigation menu. Instead of a long scrollable navigation menu, you will now see apps grouped under the App Icon. The apps are now displayed in a secondary menu and grouped by function. We know change is hard so there is a link at the bottom of the secondary menu, "Take me back to the old editor" which you can use if now is not the right time to get used to this navigation change.

In addition to the navigation change, we have added two new overlays to the app displays. First, we have indicated premium apps with a crown icon, and some text indicating that these are premium apps. If you would like to upgrade your account to take advantage of these features, simply log in and navigate to the

account upgrade page. Second, apps that require a connection or authentication will have a small dot in the top right corner. When that app is properly connected it will display a green dot to indicate it is connected.




We appreciate your business and would love to get some more feedback as we work on updates for this year. PLEASE let us know what you would like to see next to help your business

MangoSigns Team

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