The Twitter App Integration allows you to show a live Twitter feed on your TVs and Signs. Simply choose whether to show Tweets from your Timeline, Tweets mentioning you, Tweets from a specific user, Search all tweets for certain keywords or hashtags, or even Tweets from a saved Twitter list on your account.f

Before you can show a Twitter stream on your slides and signs, you first need to link your Twitter Account. You can do this by going to the settings screen at then scrolling down to the Twitter section and clicking Link Account. You will be prompted to log into your Twitter account and to give Mango Signs access to read your Tweets. After you accept you are ready to add a Twitter Feed to your signs. You can start with a template that already has the Twitter app embedded, or you can edit an existing template and add the Twitter app by clicking the Twitter app icon in the slide editor.

Once you click on the Twitter app in the Mango Signs Editor, you will be prompted to configure the feed as shown in the Image below. Once you set your options and click Insert or Update Feed, you will see Tweets show up on your Slide. If there are no Tweets available, you will see a message saying No Posts for this User.

Once you have the Twitter Feed inserted onto your slide you can customize just about everything by clicking on the Settings "gear" icon next to the Twitter feed. You can customize the font colors for the name, time and post as well as the size and positioning. You can even adjust the background and borders to have the Twitter feed contained in a box like the one in the video. This allows you to add animations and the container with the Tweets will fly in and out of the screen giving you a nice effect. You can choose from dozens of entrance and exit animations to spice things up.

Another tip to making your Social media feeds look good is to set the Auto-Advance option, which will automatically advance to the next slide after a certain number of shown posts instead of at when the slide time is set for. For this to work properly, please make sure that the duration for the slide in the schedule is set for longer than it takes the number of posts to scroll through. For example if you have it set to Auto-Advance after 3 slides at a 10 second interval, be sure to at least have the slide duration set to 36 seconds at a minimum to handle time for each post plus transitions, you can safely set it to a minute and it will advance after 3 posts. 

Don't forget to customize the animations for your Twitter feed.

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