MangoSigns Apps allow you to add additional content to your slides through our various integrations. All of the MangoSign apps can be found within the MangoSigns Slide Editor under the Apps icon on the left hand side of the editor. To find the Slide Editor, simply Edit a template or slide within your MangoSigns account.

Under the Apps section, you can find the list of available Basic and Premium apps. Basic apps are included in the Basic plan as well as the Premium plan. Premium apps are only available in the Premium and Enterprise plans. Premium apps are indicated by the Crown icon as well as will display a premium overlay when hovered over in the app menu. The Premium apps and features are available during your trial period.

If you would like to upgrade your account to take advantage of these features or after your trial expires, simply log in and navigate to the

account upgrade page.

Apps that require a connection or authentication will have a small dot in the top right corner. When that app is properly connected it will display a green dot to indicate it is connected.



More Apps Coming

With the introduction of our new App framework we plan on making new apps available frequently. If there is an app you don't see and you are interested in, please reach out, we would love to hear your suggestions for what we build next.

MangoSigns Team

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