If you choose to use your own hardware, there quite a few Android and Windows small form factor devices out there that are great for using as a Sign player. You simply need to connect these to your TV via an HDMI cable and connect them to the internet, either through WiFi, or direct cable.

For a high end Player, we recommend using the Minix-U9 player. This player has plenty of power to support Animations and HD video. It supports 4K resolutions as well as has a large external antenna that can pick up a wifi signal pretty well. It can be found on Amazon as well here.

Higher End Android Media Player -

If you are looking for something that is pretty basic and will mostly be playing static content, such as Menu's or static information slides, then a lower end Android device may work just fine for you. Below is a lower end Android player that we have used at many locations and works well - found on Amazon here.

Basic Android Media Player

For these players, we recommend using our stand alone Android installer that can be downloaded here.


As for all Android players, make sure you have the latest Android System Webview installed, this will make sure your content runs as smoothly as possible on your device. On your player, you can install the latest Android System Webview from the google play store found here.

Windows MangoSign Player

If you are planning on using your own Windows device, please see the Windows MangoSign player article located here

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