The MangoSigns Slideshow app allows you to select multiple images and have them rotate on your slides. To add a slideshow of images to your slide, select the slideshow app in the slide editor.

Once you have selected the Slideshow app icon, you will be presented with a popup to select the images you would like to include in your slideshow. You can click the Add Images button to add images to your slideshow. 

When you click Add Images, another popup will appear with all of the images that you have uploaded to your account, where you can select each one you would like to add.

** To see images appear here, first upload them to your account in the Images App **

Once you have selected all of the images you would like to add to the slideshow, you can click the add images button at the bottom of the popup and the images should be now added to your slideshow list. 

You can they choose the Slideshow Type, there are 2 types available. 

Standard: Images will be visible one image at a time and transition from one image to the next.

Carousel: Images will be visible in a carousel type view so that the next and previous images are visible. The images will rotate through from right to left and restart once all of the images have been cycled through.

Transition: This is the transition effect that will be visible when rotating from one image to the next. 

Image Duration (sections): This is the amount of time that each image will display prior to rotating to the next image.

Show Thumbnails: When enabled, small thumbnails of each image will be displayed in the bottom portion of the slideshow.

Show Progress Bar: When enabled a small animated semitransparent bar will appear at the top of the slideshow and will display the duration left for each image in the slideshow.

Restart On Play: When enabled, the slideshow will restart from the beginning when the slide it is located on starts to play if there are multiple slides on a sign. If this is not enabled, the slideshow will pause once the slide it is on is not visible and will resume playing once it is visible again.

To change the order of the images in the slideshow, you can select the image and click the up and down arrows to change its position in the list. To delete an image from the slideshow. Select the row and click the Trash can icon.

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