To embed a website on your slides, choose the Website icon in your Slide editor. From there you can choose between embedding a website, or HTML. HTML is useful for embedding widgets from third parties. Choosing website will allow you to paste the url of the site and embed an actual website.

Once you select Website, you will see a popup that prompts you to paste the url of the website you would like to embed: 

Make sure you use a https:// address and not a http:// address, as http:// will not work for security purposes. 

Se the Refresh Interval if you would like for the number of seconds to wait between refreshing the content of the website. If the content is relatively static, you can leave this at 0.

The show scrollbars option will allow you to show scrollbars for the page if you would like.

Force No Caching will completely load the page again every time the slide loads or the refresh interval is reached(this may take a bit longer for the page to load each time if enabled).

Once you click Add Website, you should see the website inserted into your slide:

Embed HTML Widgets

To embed HTML Widgets into your slides for content such as Power BI dashboards, Google Calendars, as well as Google Studio Dashboards, you can use the HTML Embed option.

Select Website, then HTML, which should present you a windows to paste your HTML code for the embed dashboard or widget. From here you can copy the Embed HTML for the widget or dashboard you would like to embed. For this example we are using a Google Studio Dashboard, but this could be a Google Calendar, or any embed object.

Once you paste the HTML and click the Insert HTML button, the embedded content should appear on your slide, and is ready to be sent to your signs.


Website Troubleshooting

Please note that some websites do not allow embedding and there may not be a way to embed some sites. If you have control over the site, please ensure that the CORS policy allows 'X-Frame-Options' from

Also, please ensure that you are using https and not http, if you own the site and it is an internal site you can generate a self signed certificate to host it as https.

HTML Embed Troubleshooting

Occasionally Embed widgets will not display immediately when you insert them into the HTML textboxt and click Insert HTML. If this is the case, try saving the slide, then previewing the slide. The HTML Embed object should appear after the save in most cases.

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