Add YouTube videos to your signs to display a videos in a portion of your slide, or the entire thing.

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You can add YouTube videos to your slides and signs with the YouTube app in the MangoSigns Editor. Simply click on the Videos icon in app bar, then click on YouTube Videos. 

From here you will see a popup that asks for the Video url as well as a number of options described below for the YouTube video playback.

Video/Playlist Url: Paste the url of the YouTube video, video playlist, or YouTube channel you would like to show on your slides.

Auto Play: If enabled, the video will start playing when the slide loads. (Please note that if you are using google chrome, or the chrome app, you will need to enable autoplay - No User Gestures Requred. See the troubleshooting section below for how to enable).

Loop: If enabled, the video will automatically loop once it is finished. 

Show Title: Will show the title for the YouTube video the entire time the video plays.

Show Controls: Will show the YouTube video controls the entire time the video plays.

Show Captions: If enabled, captions will show for a video if they are available. Please note that captions have to be available and enabled for the video for captions to show.

Pause Video: If enabled, the video will pause at the end of the slide, then resume where it left off when the slide is shown again.

Advance on End: If enabled, the slide will advance to the next slide when the video ends. Please note that the timing on the slide will need to be longer than the video for this to work.


If you are having an issue with videos playing in the Chrome browser or on your Chrome device, you will need to enable the autoplay setting.

Here is how you configure the setting:

  1. Load the following url into the chrome browser - chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy  . 

  2. Click on the menu next to it, and select the option -  No user gesture is required

  3. Now refresh the page and the video should now autoplay on preview.

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