Easily add a Table or Menu to your slides to help list out items. You can choose from a standard table, or a few different menu formats.


A table can help you quickly list out items in a common format on your slides. To add a table, simply click the Standard Table button. This will insert a Table element on to your slides. To add Row or Columns to your table, you can click the Settings "Gear" icon and choose Add Row or Column, or you can simply right click the Table element which will present the option to add a Column or Row. To edit the text in the column or row, simply double click on the text which will allow you to edit it. To delete a column or row, simply highlight the row or column you would like to delete and click Delete Current Row or Column.

Change Font Appearance

You can change the font appearance for your table by clicking on the Settings "Gear" icon and scrolling down to the font section. From here you can customize the font sizes, type color and more of your table.

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