The Text app will let you deliver your message through a variety of font options and animations.

You can add Text to your slide by clicking on the text icon in the App Bar and selecting the Font style you like. You can choose from several Font category's by changing the dropdown located below 'Pick a Font'

Once text is added to your slide, simply double click the text to edit the content. To style your text or change the font size, simply click the cog/gear icon that appears when you click on the text app.

Text Settings - 

The Text settings will allow you to change the font color, size, type as well as add effects to your text and animations. Simply click the cog/gear icon to edit the text settings. You can find an image of the Text Settings panel below.

Animations -

In the Text settings you will find 3 types of animations. Entrance Animations, Animations, and Exit Animations. Using these three animation types you can make your content stand out from other typical digital signs.

Entrance Animations - 

You can use entrance animations to make your text appear in one of 100 animated ways at a given time after your slide appears (delay). This means that your slide can show for a second or two before your animated text appears. This can help draw eyes and make your message stand out.

Emphasis Animations - 

These animations are more of emphasis and do not make your text appear or dissapear. You can apply them to items on your slide that you want to stand out. The text will not appear or disappear, it will animate in place and return to its previous position. You can choose to have the animation occur once, or repeat.

Exit Animations -

Exit Animations will make your text disappear at a given time. This is useful when you want text to only appear at the beginning of a slide then go away.

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