"A giffy is a colloquial term of endearment for a gift (card), girlfriend, or GIF image". In this case, a gif or sticker from giphy can be used to add some whimsy, irreverence, and comedy to your slide.

While in the slide editor you will see the Giffy & Giphy Stickers Apps listed within the app submenu.

Step 1: Select the Apps icon from the menu bar and click the Giffy or Giffy Stickers Apps Icon

MangoSigns - Apps - QR Code

Step 2: In the next screen you can choose a category to filter results, or search based on a keyword.

Step 3: Click on the image to highlight your selection

Step 4: Click on the check box to add the gif or sticker to your slide

You can position the newly inserted gif or sticker where you want and use the Image Settings controls to make further adjustments.

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