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Windows Application Event Log
Windows Application Event Log

To help our team troubleshoot issues related to our Windows player, our support team may need access to your Windows Application log.

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The Windows application event log has information may have OS specific information required to help troubleshoot issues that may not be accessible through our application. Sending these logs to our support team can help us determine where an issue may reside within the OS or dependencies that our app uses to run. Follow the instructions below to view and save the application event logs

1. After clicking the Start button in Windows you can Type Event Viewer in search.

2. After Event Viewer is open please select Windows Logs.


3. Drop down the menu for Windows Logs and you will see Application. Select Application. It may take a minute for the logs to display.


4. Once the logs have loaded, hold down the Ctrl key and highlight any events with Errors as well as Warnings by clicking on the events

5. Save the file in evtx format and email to our support team.


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