Goal: How to display QR codes on your digital sign.

QR Codes can be used to easily allow people to navigate to your website, download an app from the right app stores, dial a phone number, or do other actions. The different actions or destinations can be selected by choosing different QR code types. Additionally, you can style the color of the QR code and choose from three formats in the QR code style dropdown to customize the display further.

While in the slide editor you will see the QR Code App listed within the app submenu.

Step 1: Select the Apps Icon from the menu bar and click the QR Code App

MangoSigns - Apps - QR Code

Step 2: In the modal window select the QR code type, and style then enter the fields associated with that QR Code Type. QR code types and their parameters are listed below.

QR Code Types



Website Url / Link


Mobile App Url / Link

Apple, Google, or Amazon Store URLs


Email, Subject, Message

SMS / Text Message

Phone Number, Message

Phone Number

Phone Number

Calendar Item / Event

Item/Event Name, Location, StartTime, EndTime

WiFi Credentials

Wireless SSID, Password, Encryption

Geolocation / Map Pinpoint

Longitude, Latitude

Custom / Text


QR Styles

The QR Code App supports a few different styles of output, Traditional, Circle Eyes with Dots, and Rounded Eyes With Lines as displayed below. As with most items in the editor you can use the settings menu to change the color of the eyes and dots and make other customizations.

Tips and Tricks

When using QR codes you probably want to track who clicks on the links. This tracking is essential especially for the website and mobile app types so you can track visits, conversions, and revenue. If you are using google analytics try using their URL builder. Using the URLs with tracking codes will help you monitor activity from your digital signs.

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