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Installing the MangoSign player
Installing the MangoSign player

Install the MangoSign player on your Android, Windows, Chrome, or Fire TV 4K stick to turn your TV into a digital sign in minutes.

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The MangoSign player installed on your device will turn your TV into a communication powerhouse. The MangoSign player is compatible with Windows 7,8, and 10, as well as Android, Chrome OS and Fire TV 4K devices. You can follow the instructions below, or watch the video that provides and overview of how to add your first sign

To install the MangoSign Player you can log into your MangoSigns account at and select Player Downloads. From there you can select which type of player you will be using as your sign connected to your TV. Follow the instructions below for the type of device you have. If you currently do not have a device to install the MangoSign player on, you can take a look at our Recommended Hardware page here, or reach out to us for recommendations


If you are using and Android TV box, or Android TV device, you have 2 options to install the MangoSign player. You can download it through the Google Play store by searching for Mango Signs, or you can download the .apk file directly and install it on your device.

Once you install the MangoSign player for Android, and have connected the device to the internet and launch the app, you will see a countdown appear that counts down from 10 seconds prior to a sign code displaying on your sign. You will use the sign code to link the sign to your MangoSigns account that you are logged into at and follow the instructions here to finish linking it to your account.

If you are using a ChromeCast with Google TV device OR a device running Android 10 and up, please be sure to update the following setting.

Settings -> Apps -> Special App Access -> Display over other apps -> Enable Mango Signs

Windows devices can make great digital signage players for enterprise environments. They give you the ability to install remote device management tools and schedule times to power your screen on and off. We recommend installing our new Updated Windows player to ensure the best playback of your content and 24/7 operation.

Chrome OS

If you have a Chrome device, you can typically use the Android app installed from the Google Play store. To enable the google play store on your chrome device, you can follow the instructions here. Alternatively, if you have a Google Suite Enterprise account, you can install the MangoSigns kiosk app for Chrome and configure the device to run the application in Kiosk mode via the instructions here . The Google Enterprise Suite account allows you to perform additional features on your devices, such as remote device control, remote screenshots, reboots and more. The full list of remote capabilities can be found here.

Fire TV 4K

Fire TV 4K sticks are a decent affordable option to turn your TV into a sign. The Fire TV OS is somewhat restricted, so you won't get some of the remote management options that you will get with the Windows and Chome devices, but if you plan on turning your sign off in the evening and back on in the morning manually, for most cases, the Fire TV 4K stick will make a great low cost device. To install the MangoSign player for your Fire TV 4K device, you can search for Mango Signs in the Fire TV app store and click on the search term to view and install it.

Important! - If using a Fire TV device, be sure to turn the following setting off if available on the Fire TV device. Failing to disable this setting will automatically exit the app after a few hours of running

Setting -> Preferences -> Data Usage Monitoring -> Still Watching set this to OFF

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