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2019 Release 9 Updates - 7/25
2019 Release 9 Updates - 7/25

Today we expanded our platform with features that will help larger corporations manage their slides and schedules, plus other enhancements

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With today's release we have introduced the ability to search through your Slides and Schedules. This will allow you to search by name or keyword to quickly find your existing slides and schedules. You can find the search functionality at the top of the My Slides and My Schedules pages.

As requested by many, you can now create your own read only Templates for use by your team and organization. You can find your templates under the My Templates option with the star next to it in the side menu in your dashboard.

To add new Templates for your organization, you can click on a slide you would like to save as a Template, then click Manage. From there you can find the option to Save to Templates. Your new Template will then show up under the My Templates section to be used by your team. Saving a slide as a Template is included in the Premium and Enterprise plans.

With these enhancements, we have also released quite a few templates in our template library with more to be released weekly. 

Stay tuned as we have some additional exciting updates to be announced soon! Thanks for allowing to deliver your message!

As a reminder, all of our plans have a 14 day free trial period under the premium plan, if you need more time, please feel free to reach out and we can extend you trial.

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