** Update Chrome Versions 76 and Greater **

For chrome versions 76 and greater, allowing sound to autoplay will enable autoplay to work within your chrome browser. To allow autoplay, follow the steps below.

In your Chrome browser, navigate to chrome://settings/content/sound?search=sound

From there, you should be able to Click on the Add button next to allow and enter https://app.mangosigns.com

For Chrome versions prior to 76, see the instructions below.


If you are having an issue with videos playing in the Chrome browser or on your Chrome device, you will need to enable the autoplay setting.

Here is how you configure the setting:

  1. Load the following url into the chrome browser - chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy  . 

  2. Click on the menu next to it, and select the option -  No user gesture is required

  3. Now refresh the page and the video should now autoplay on preview.

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