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2019 Release 5,6 & 7 Updates - 5/12
2019 Release 5,6 & 7 Updates - 5/12

The latest updates from our second quarter, include the ability to upload your own videos, Count Up, Scroll Marquee, offline playback + more

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We have been busy updating the platform with additional features over the last few months, so I will try to cover everything here for releases 5, 6 and 7 that will help draw more eyes to your screens.ย 

Upload your own Videos

Along with the ability to display videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or choose from thousands of free stock videos, you can now upload your own videos directly to the platform to play them on your signs. In the slide editor, simply click Videos and you will see the My Video Uploads section up top where you can upload and insert videos to your slides. All of our new players (Android, Chrome, Fire TV and Windows) now support offline playback so once the video has been downloaded to your sign once, it will play from your player without the need to load it again.

Count Up

To help compliment our Count Down app, by popular request, we have added the ability to Count Up. This will allow you to count days/hours/minutes/seconds from a particular time or event. You will now find and option when you add the Count Down/Up app to choose Time since, and a Date in the past.

Scrolling Marquee

You can now scroll your own messages or RSS feeds using the new Marquee app. Look for the new Marquee icon in the slide editor and choose to scroll an RSS feed, or your own text messages.

With options to scroll the text up, down left or right, you can scroll a single line of information, or multiple. RSS feeds will update automatically every 20 minutes and display the number of posts you choose. You can find out more about the Marquee app here.

Align Everything

We had a lot of users requesting the ability to align content easier on their slides, so we added the ability to multi select elements and align them, just as you would in your favorite design programs. You can find the alignment controls in the Toolbar where you can align elements to the slide, or you can select multiple elements and the group alignment section will appear allowing you to align multiple objects. To select multiple objects, hold down the Shift Key + click on the element.

Offline Playback

All of our new players for Fire TV, Android, Windows and Chrome now support offline playback. Once you load the content once, you can disconnect from the internet and you signs will continue to play. You can even power off the device and when you power it back on it will continue to play what was last loaded, which is useful for trade shows as well as situations where the internet is not that reliable. Keep in mind that for streaming functionality such as embedded YouTube or Vimeo videos, internet access would still be required.

Stay tuned, we have another exciting release planned for next week!

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