Add Video to your signs to attract eyes and showcase your content, or even animate a background.

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You can add a video to your slides and signs by clicking on the Video icon in the MangoSigns Editor. From there you can select to add a Video from a stock video library, YouTube, or Vimeo. More on each of these is covered below.

Free Videos from Pixabay

Choose from thousands of free videos in the Pixabay Video Library, simply click the Pixabay Free Videos icon under the Video section and you can choose a category to see the videos available, or search for something more specific by using the search input. Hover over a video to see a preview of it. The duration of the video is visible in the lower left-hand corner of the video.

You can see a fullscreen preview of the video by clicking on it, then clicking on the magnifying glass icon. To insert the video onto your slide, click the video and then the checkbox icon. The video will then be copied to your slide. You can then click the edit video to set if you want the video to autoplay when the slide starts, as well as loop. You can have the video Pause, then resume when the slide plays again, or you can even have the slide advance automatically when the video ends.


To add a YouTube video, simply click the YouTube icon and paste the URL of the YouTube video, playlist, or channel into the URL input. To find out more about the YouTube app, see the YouTube app page.


To add a Vimeo video, simply click the Vimeo Videos icon and paste the URL of the Vimeo video, and playlist into the URL input. To find out more about the Vimeo app, see the Vimeo app page.

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