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2019 Release 3 Updates - 2/07
2019 Release 3 Updates - 2/07

New Updates from our 3rd release of the year, Twitter enhancements, additional mobile support for editing content and additional RSS formats

Written by Brianna
Updated over a week ago

This week we have added a few new enhancements to the platform. We have added support for additional RSS feed types. We now support a wider variety of feeds including Media RSS and additional image support. 

Additional Twitter Feed Options

We have added the ability to filter Twitter feed numerous ways on your sign. You can now show your own Twitter timeline, Tweets mentioning you, User Tweets, Tweets from one of your Twitter Lists or even Search for Tweets and filter by a Language. 

Enhance Mobile Editing Capabilities

You can now edit slides on your mobile device, it is still easiest to modify your slides on a desktop or laptop, however you can now drag and drop and replace images and modify text right through your mobile devices.

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