Animations are a great way to help your content stand out. MangoSigns is one of the few platforms that allows you to animate just about anything on your slides. The possibilities are almost endless as to what you can come up with while layering in animations.

To animate an object, simply select the object and choose the rocket icon in the action bar.

Once you click on the rocket icon, you will see the Animation panel appear on the right hand side of your slide editor.

From here, you can select to add one of 3 type of animations on the top.

  1. Entrance Animation - This type of animation will animate the content onto the screen after a given delay.

  2. Emphasis Animation - This type of animation will animate the content in place. You can choose to repeat this animation to have an effect that repeats over and over, but not move off the screen. This can be useful for highlighting a menu item or something similar.

  3. Exit Animation - This type of animation will animate the content off of the screen after a given delay.

To select an animation, click the + button

From here, for each animation type, you can define a Delay - this is the amount of time after the slide loads, or the previous animation ended. You can also specify a Duration - This is the amount of time it will take the animation to complete. Setting a higher time will slow down the animation, setting a lower time will speed it up.

You can preview how the animation will look by pressing the Preview button. Once you have the look you want, be sure to press Save. Once saved, the animation will be applied to your element.

Once an element has an animation applied, you will see the rocket icon appear orange. This helps you identify items that already have animations applied.

If you have text on a page, you can choose to animate it with these animations, or you can apply separate text animations. More info on text animations can be found under the Text help section.

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