Using the Google Sheets app, you can embed the contents of your Google sheets on your slides. This is typically useful for textual information that needs to be updated frequently by one or more individuals and you don't want to worry about updating the content within the MangoSigns slides. The Google sheets app is typically useful for menus, directories, birthday lists, weekly schedules, and more.

Before you can add google sheets to your signs, you have to link your Google Drive account. You can do this by going to your Account Settings and scrolling down to Google Drive and Link Account. Allow MangoSigns read access to your Google Drive and we can now add Google Slides and Google Sheets

Once you add a Google spreadsheet to your slide, you can customize the font colors, sizes, background colors, and other aspects of the text that is included in your google sheets. Following the instructions below, you can add Google sheet information to your slides and signs.

In the Slide editor, click on Google Apps, then Google Sheets Data

This will allow you to select a google sheet that you have saved to your Google Drive account. Choose Pick Spreadsheet and select the spreadsheet you would like to show data from:

Now you can select how often you would like the data to update and if there are multiple rows you would like to automatically scroll through, you can choose the Auto Rotate Data option. This will allow you to show a certain number of rows for a given duration and the information will automatically paginate through the data.

You can also specify if the First row of the spreadsheet is a Header, which will allow you to style it differently than the other data. You can optionally hide the first row of the spreadsheet as well.

Then click on Add Google Sheet to see the data appear on your slide:

By clicking the settings icon, you can customize the font styles and colors as well as background and header styles for the data.

Now once you save your slide, the data will automatically update directly from your google sheet. You can edit your google sheet from anywhere and the data on your signs will automatically refresh*!

*Please note that there may be up to a 20-minute delay for the information to update on your signs from when you update your google spreadsheet.

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