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Recommended Sign Players

Here are some players that we have tried out and recommend.

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(Updated 1/2020)

(Updated 3/2019)

If you choose to use your own hardware, there quite a few Android and Windows small form factor devices out there that are great for using as a Sign player. You simply need to connect these to your TV via an HDMI cable and connect them to the internet, either through WiFi, or direct cable.

For a high end Player, we recommend using the NVidia Sheild. This player has plenty of power to support Animations and HD video. It supports 4K resolutions as well as has a large external antenna that can pick up a wifi signal pretty well. It can be found on Amazon as well here. If you are playing HD Videos, and or multiple videos at a time, this is likely the player you will want to use.

Higher End Android Media Player -

Average Android Players

For an average Android player with pretty decent performance, we recommend using a MI Box that you can purchase from Walmart, or a newer model 4K Fire TV Stick from Amazon. Keep in mind that with a 4K Fire TV stick you can only play one video at a time. This is a limitation of the Fire TV OS at this current time.

The MI Box does a pretty good job with media playback. If you need something that will handle most animations and videos the MI Box will typically work just fine.

The MI Box S does not have a Ethernet port, so if you have a direct connection we recommend using a UGreen Ethernet adapter.


As for all Android players, make sure you have the latest Android System Webview installed, this will make sure your content runs as smoothly as possible on your device. On your player, you can install the latest Android System Webview from the google play store found here. For newer Android Devices, ensure you have the latest Chrome browser installed.

Use a Smart Plug to Extend the Life of your TV and Devices

To extend the life of your TV and devices, we recommend using programmable smart plugs where possible. These are widely available on Amazon as well as other big box stores and allow you to schedule a time to power the TV and device on, as well as a time to power it off. A popular one that some customers use can be found here

Windows MangoSign Player

If you are planning on using your own Windows device, please see the Windows MangoSign player article located here

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