The RSS app will allow you to showcase your favorite RSS or news feeds right on your signs. This multimedia rich app is easy to use. Simply choose from the 4 available formats to show your RSS/News feed in.

Pick a Format -

Title - This will cycle through only the titles of the RSS feeds. The content/description and images will be left out. This is perfect for a bottom or top scrolling bar where you want info to occupy, but you don't have a lot of space.

Title and Description - This will display the Title and Description of the RSS feed, but no images. This is good for taking up a portion or half of the screen where you don't have enough room to include images.

Landscape - This is a great option for full screen Landscape RSS or news feeds. Images, Title and Descriptions will be shown.

Portrait - This is a perfect option for Portrait screens where you want to show full screen news feeds from top to bottom. Titles, Descriptions and Images will all be shown.

Choose your Transitions -

You can pick an entrance and exit transition for your RSS feeds. This can make your feed appear as it is scrolling in from left to right, or bouncing in and out. There are hundreds of combinations to choose from to make your content stand out.

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