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Generating a new Sign Code
Generating a new Sign Code

This article will help walk you through the steps needed to generate a new sign code in the event that you deleted the sign by accident.

Written by Brianna
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From time to time occasionally a sign is accidentally deleted from your account. You can follow the instructions below to generate a new sign code to add it back to your account.

Generating a new Sign code through on a Mango Sign player or Android OS.

  1. Power on your mangosigns box and if it goes straight to the white screen with the green box that says your connected, log into your dashboard on your PC and refresh the dashboard (you can do this by pressing F5 on your keyboard).

  2. If the dashboard says that your sign is offline, that means it is no longer linked to your account and we will need to re-link it. 

  3. To re-link your account, we will need to clear the data in the Mango Signs app, follow the next steps to generate the new code. 

  4. Close the MangoSign app on the mango sign player.

  5. Click the settings button on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. 

  6. Go to the Apps section in the Settings and find the Mango Signs app listed. 

  7. Select the MangoSigns app and you will see an option to ‘Clear Data’

  8. Click the ‘Clear Data’button.

  9. Now you can power offand power back on the Mango Signs app.

  10. You should then be presented with a new Mango Sign code.

  11. Go to your dashboard and you can now Delete the Mango Sign that is currently in your account that is offline.

  12. Then click Add Sign and enter the Sign Code and the Name of the Sign. 

  13. Your new sign should now be linked

  14. You will now want to go to your existing schedules and add the new sign to your schedules.

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