Adding a Sign to your MangoSigns account is pretty simple if you have a device that you would like to use as your sign. If you are trying out the software, the simplest way to see how things work is to use your Phone or Tablet as a Sign. This will give you a gist of what to expect before purchasing a device to turn your TV into a Sign.

On the device (phone/tablet other hardware connected to your TV) you would like to use as your sign, visit the App Store and Download the MangoSigns App.

 * Please note that the iOS app is not available yet, please check back periodically for availability. We will also send an email to our users once it is available.

Once you download and install the App, you will need to make sure you are connected to the internet before launching the App.

Once you have Internet Access and Launch the App, you should be presented with a Sign Code.

You can then log into your MangoSigns dashboard and Enter the code that appears on your device and Name your Sign:

Once enter you Sign Code and name your Sign, click Add Sign. Your sign should now be added. Click the Dashboard button on the popup that appears to see your new sign added.

You should also now see your Sign update indicating that it is linked to your account. You can now edit a Template and Save it for it to be sent to your Sign.

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