How to Add a Sign

A basic overview of how to Add a Sign to your MangoSign's account.

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Adding a Sign to your MangoSigns account is pretty simple if you have a device that you would like to use as your sign. If you are trying out the software, the simplest way to see how things work is to use your Phone or Tablet as a Sign. This will give you a gist of what to expect before purchasing a device to turn your TV into a Sign.

On the device (phone/tablet other hardware connected to your TV) you would like to use as your sign, visit the App Store and Download the MangoSigns App.

 * Please note that the iOS app is not available yet, please check back periodically for availability. We will also send an email to our users once it is available.

Once you download and install the App, you will need to make sure you are connected to the internet before launching the App.

Once you have Internet Access and Launch the App, you should be presented with a Sign Code.

After you have installed the MangoSign player on a compatible device and have connected it to the internet, once you launch the MangoSigns app, you should see a sign code appear on your screen.

Now that you have a sign code, you can log into your MangoSigns account at and click on the Add button, that can be found under the My Signs signs section of your dashboard, or the My Signs page that displays all of the signs linked to your account.

Once you click on the Add button, you can enter the sign code and give your new sign a name and click the Add a Sign button:

You should now see the sign linked to your account under My Signs, and you should see a rocket ship appear on your newly linked sign. You can now Create and Send content to it through a Schedule.


If you are unable to link your sign to your account using the sign code that shows on your screen, the sign code may have already expired. If you restart the player, or restart the device, you should see a new sign code appear that you can use. If you see the same sign code appear, that means that the app has not been restarted, and we recommend you unplug the device from the power and plug it back in to ensure the device fully restarts.

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