Schedules help you to control your content across your signs. They are made up of primarily 3 parts: When, What, and Where

If you only have 1 sign linked, a schedule will be created automatically for you once you save your first Slide. You can access your Schedules, or create new ones through the main dashboard page, or by going to the Schedules Tab on the left hand side of your dashboard.

From there you can see a list of all of your schedules, or create a new one by clicking the Add button in the upper right hand corner.

Once you add or edit a schedule you will be asked to specify, when you would like to show your content, where you would like to show your content, and what content you would like to show.

When - 

Choose a Name for your schedule and pick a Schedule Type, as well as a Start Time and End Time. For the example below we are naming our schedule - 'My First Schedule', but try and choose a name that will help you identify what content it contains.

Where -

Choose where you would like to show your content. Select each Sign you would like to show your content on for the time selected in the previous step. All of your Signs for your company should be listed here:

What -

Choose what slides you would like to send to the Sign(s) you selected in the previous step, using the + Add Slides button in the top right hand corner. Once you add a Slide, you can specify the Transition(animated movement to the next slide) it should have, as well as the Duration that the slide should show for before advancing to the next Slide.

New! - Override Schedules

We now have the option to override other schedules with a particular schedule. This is useful if you would like to interrupt all other content playing and only play a certain schedule during a given time frame. Simply enable the Override other Schedules option and while the particular schedule is active, it will only show content for that schedule.

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