The Image app allows you to add any image you choose to your slides. You can upload your own or choose one from over a million images available in our free image library.

Upload your Own -

You can upload your own image from over 20 sources, including your own computer, Google Drive, Facebook, Dropbox and plenty more. To upload your own Images simply click the Image App from the App Bar then click My Images, and on the top of the menu you will see Pick File. You can then select your file from a variety of sources.

Free Image Library -

Alternatively you can choose an image from our Free Image library provided by PixaBay which offers over a million free images that you can use on your slides. Simply choose Free Image Library after clicking the Image icon in the App Bar and select a category or search for your own image using the Search bar.

Edit an Image -

Once you have uploaded your image and added it to your slide, you can edit it to further customize it or enhance it. To Edit an image, you can right click it, or simply click on it and choose the Edit Image button. The Image Editor should appear after that. Using the Image Editor you can add, effects, stickers, crop or enhance the image in several ways.

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